I was just pass the PMP® exam at that time. My colleague in the office asked me to give a presentation about Project Management Standard based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) to a Project Management Working Unit of an Oil Company. At that time the latest edition of PMBOK® Guide was the first one.

This working unit manage various oil and gas projects. Most of the presentation audience were gray-haired Project Managers who have ran multi billion dollar oil and gas projects. It seems I was the only person who had no such experience at that time. I was at my mid 30s years old.

Frankly speaking, my level of confident was at the lowest, facing those highly experience project managers. I feel like trying to tell fish how to swim. However, my colleague encouraged me by saying to the audience that the speaker was just pass the international project management certification, Project Management Professional (PMP)®.

I gave presentation about PMBOK® Guide which I believe that can be applied to any kind of projects. In other word, Project Management is Universal which is very useful to different kind of projects.

At the beginning some audience were looked bit sceptic about it. But then, one of them gave me a chance to proof it by giving his past real case and asked me what would I do. To me, basically, what he was saying, was about lack of risk management. So then I explained him that I would spent couple of days to have session with an appropriate subject matter expert (SME) to figure out what could be wrong and develop response plan to anticipate it. He was satisfied with the answer. Then other audience started to ask many questions regarding their past real cases. Some how, those questions were about addressing different chapters of PMBOK® Guide.

At the closing, one of the senior PM told me:
“I wish I knew about this project management guide before I ran my project”. “So I can save a lot of money and time”. ”Unfortunately, I had only PMN certification instead of PMP®“.

I asked him: “What is a PMN, Sir?”

He smiled and said: “Project Manager by Nature, Sir!”

And …….. it was a happy ending discussion for every one.


PMP and PMBOK are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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