Managing Multiple Projects in an Easy Way

In a multiple projects circumstances, making the right decisions on all levels will determine the success of the organization. Aims at making the right decision, the initiatives’ or projects’ information should be made available that are timely, relevant, accessible, comparable, comprehensive, accurate, complete and consistent. DCOptima has been developing DCOMonicon, a Project Portfolio Management digital, since years.


DCOMonicon is a Project Portfolio Management (PPM)/PMO Tool to manage multiple Projects/Initiatives.

Initiatives and projects processes could be managed properly from Ideas up to Benefit Tracking in full cycle. Furthermore, all those processes are able to be captured and stored in a secured database. DCOMonicon is a Project Management Tool; and at the same time, is a Project Portfolio Management Tools as well. DCOMonicon is easy to use. Users who have a basic project management competency are able to use this tool intuitively. DCOMonicon Highlights It has generic templates (predefined configuration) in accordance with the requirements of most assorted PMO, based on team experience in Indonesia circumstances since 2001. Moreover, this tools is easy to be continuously re-adjusted to the project portfolio management maturity level of the organization. An Easy to Use Tool for managing multiple complex projects. It was designed and developed by team who have had extensive experience in implementing a variety of multiple projects management software from major vendors since 2000.  The same team have been putting a lot of energies and talents to develop this user-friendly tool Scalable and Robust DCOMonicon can be operated by a small team as well as by the whole projects stakeholders within organization. It has been proven in managing more than 3000 projects in a server. Agile for Dynamic Envronment A tool administrator is able to be adjusted promptly and configured easily through a centralized Administration Module (without Hardcoding hassle). Able to be Integrated with Other Software The tool has been developed based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) philosophy. 

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