“Law of Attraction” in getting PMP® Certification.
by Chalid Tamimi PMP, DCOptima Principal Consultant.
Let me share my experience in helping candidates to prepare for PMP® Certification test in Indonesia.

I myself past the PMP® exam in year 1998 and got  certified in 2000. Then I got assignments from my employer to conduct PMP® exam preparation class for candidates from different companies. Now, I am still doing this kind of service with DCOptima. Maybe, there have been more than 250 people who got their PMP® after taking the PMP® preparation training where I have been involved.

Getting PMP® Certification is not an impossible task for every project manager, but at the same time, is not a trivial matter as it requires full efforts from the candidate.

Sometimes from the first day of the preparation class, I was be able to sense whether a person has a greater chance to pass the PMP® exam compare to others. Smart and knowledgable were not the only factors which could guarantee to pass the exam. One other important factor is the candidates’ motivation to get the PMP®. Without the motivation, it is very difficult for a person to pass the PMP® exam. On the contrary, I often saw candidates who have limited English proficiency but could pass the exam. Their high motivation has driven them to pursue the PMP® with full energy.

For most of Indonesian candidates, pursuing PMP® Certification, is double challenges. They needs to understanding project management that aligned with the PMBOK® Guide as well as to learn English at the same time, especially project-management-English. There is no official Indonesian translation for PMBOK® Guide yet.

Many of them have been trying to learn by heart the given PMP® questions and answers exercise. I remember, there were some candidates who always got good results of PMP® simulation tests, however they failed on the real exam more than once. As we may all aware that PMI® has a huge database of exam questions. Other group of candidates try to memorized the Input-Tools and Techniques-Output of all the processes but still failed the exam. Because they have memorized them without really understood the logic behind those processes.

High motivated candidates always got energy to study hard and find a way how to study effectively. They try to figure out the real meaning of the questions and answers as well as the logic behind all the processes. One way to understand those processes, those candidates try to connect PMBOK® Guide processes with their day today activities. By doing this, they could understand the real meaning of the proper processes and, at the same time, could figure out what could have been done differently the way they do the real work. They possess unlimited energy to do all those things. It looks like the whole universe supported them in many ways.

So, if you want to get PMP® Certified, the first task that you have to do is having high motivation. And then the law of attraction will work for you.

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One more thing……

The major barrier to skill acquisition isn’t intellectual……… It’s emotional.

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