Evidence avoid unnecessary arguments
DCOptima consultant was attending a progress meeting of an IT Department at a state institution. This working unit was just starting to use DCOMonicon (a PPM Tools) to manage the existing IT projects.
At that time, this organization had implemented a score card to evaluate the performance of each employee. Thus, each employee was very concerned about his/her project progress since it related to individual performance.
At that meeting, they were discussing of about project’s issues associated with the change request. There was a project that was already very late due to too many changes in scope.

Chairman: “We should not rush to execute every change request. Each change request must be approved by me before you guys executing”

Project Manager: “But Sir, I have got your approval already”

Chairman: “I do not remember it”

DCOptima Consultant suggested that we look to the approval document stored in DCOMonicon repository. And then……from the monitor, the document shows that the Chairman has put his signature on it.

The situation at that time was a little bit embarrassing. Luckily the chairman can transform the situation into a good joke.

This incident shows that the presence of evidence can avoid a long debate. Meeting participants can be more focus on problems settlement instead of arguing.

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