12 Hours Project Progress Meeting
In the year 2009, DCOptima were asked by a utility company to assist them in managing hundreds of infrastructure projects. DCOptima’s Consultants were invited to a project progress meeting. The meeting started from 10 am and finished at 10 pm. It was a very exhausted meeting.

This is an example case of how a company, which has a lot of projects, does not have an adequate project management. There were many overlapping activities. Coordination between project team member across departments was very bureaucratic and not sound harmony. This is a common situation in a company with many initiatives/projects.

DCOptima team assisted this organization from various perspectives: people, process and supported by PM Digital. DCOptima were using DCOMonicon, a PPM Tool.

Improvement begins with project management competency developments.
“A weapon does not mean anything unless the people who use it have the necessary skill”.
Most of the key stakeholder took project management training conducted by DCOptima.

Then, DCOptima team accompany (coach) project controllers to monitor projects using DCOMonicon for months. Slowly but sure, the condition of all projects began to be visualized by this tools. Top management was then be able to see clearly all project circumstances. Meeting’s topic were addressed more to solve the projects instead of arguing or debate.

At the time of DCOptima’s assignment ends, there were a lot of changes. The Progress Meeting as described above took only about 2 hours then. Moreover, Project Closing Reports required by authority can be produced immediately (Before: it took almost half a year). The top management as well as employee were happy with the result.

It is about proper project management supported by proper PPM Digital.

Start with PM Training followed by establishing of PPM Tools, the implementation of multiple projects can be run as it ought to be.

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